Why working in the morning is a metaphor?

Metaphor (n): a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else. (Google)

A lot of self-help books advice us to wake up early in the morning.

Morning View

I understand a lot of people prefer to work late nights, but waking up early in the morning, and starting your work early in the morning helps you prioritize your life.

As MK Gandhi quoted,

Action expresses priorities.

I write first thing in the morning because it’s one of the most important priorities of my life.

Make sure you do the most important task of your day first thing in the morning.

Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal.

Originally published at speakingsmiles.com on March 28, 2018.

Written by

Certified Habit Coach || I help my clients improve their emotional health with simple habits || Check more here: https://www.dipanshurawal.com/hello

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