My Introduction

What I Don’t Want You to Know About Me

And what I want you to know about me

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Hey, I’m Dipanshu Rawal. I am a certified habit coach.

Here are a few things I want you to know about me and a few things I don’t want you to know about me.

This piece was last updated on 21.01.2021.

What I DON’T want you to know about me

  1. I have camera fear. I don’t like shooting videos or clicking selfies. Every time I go LIVE on Instagram, I feel exposed. I’m afraid someone might see through me. And I’m not even sure what am I hiding. I’m killing this fear now, btw.
  2. I have imposter syndrome. I have had issues with feeling like an imposter, facing my share of insecurities. Guess what? I recognized it a few months ago, and I’ve learned to work despite its presence.
  3. I have been cyberbullied as a teenager. It wasn’t done by strangers, but from people, I considered my friends. On top of that, I have faced bullying and body image issues.
  4. I am a perfectionist. Either I am all in, or I am all out. I am organized and I like doing things a certain way. I don’t accept mediocrity.
  5. I had issues of narcissism and ego. I wasn’t a good person before I went through depression and anxiety. I kinda feel thankful for it. It changed me for good. And I feel I am resolving my issues of narcissism and ego quicker than expected.
  6. I have a quality of detachment. I have treated it as an “issue” for so many years, till one day someone asked me “Dipanshu, for how long will you keep looking at your characteristics as your issues?”
  7. I believe I’m not writing this. There’s a higher power, aka Universe making me write this, and do everything I do. Saying it out loud makes my ego feel inferior.
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What I DO want you to know about me

  1. I have switched multiple careers. I graduated as a biotechnologist. I worked for 4+ years as a digital marketing pro, and now I am a full-time life purpose Coach. I have earned from two dozen different professions so far. I have learned to surrender and follow my curiosity.
  2. I have changed my life 360 degrees. From a non-vegetarian to a vegan. From not being a good listener to being an excellent listener (non-judgemental, non-interruptive). From being egoistic to being a giver and serving others. From being clueless in life to being crystal clear and helping others being crystal clear too. I have transformed myself over and over again.
  3. My clients don’t like me. My clients LOVE me. My coaching clients don’t tell me my sessions are “good” or they “liked it”. I get feedback like: “You changed my life”, “I never imagined I could resolve my past trauma”, “I don’t know if I could be where I am right now if I hadn’t worked with you”
  4. I am obsessed with human behavior & psychology. I have studied human psychology and behavior extensively to learn how can we live more efficiently and peacefully.
  5. I do what I say I’ll do. My friends will tell you that I value my word. I challenge myself regularly. And I commit myself 100% (I don’t do 99% kind of things)
  6. I do have my own coach. I walk my talk. If I expect you to invest your time and money in coaching to grow in life, I expect myself to do the same.
  7. My top 5 VIA strengths are — Gratitude, Curiosity, Hope, Enthusiasm, Forgiveness.

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