(n) the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint.

I have been reading different philosophies for the past few months now. And, I am amazed at knowing the deeper reasons behind most of the philosophies.

To start with it, I first read a basic philosophy book titled Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth”. If anyone wants to try philosophy genre, this book is recommended for the starters.

So, anyway, two philosophies fascinated me the most: 1. Minimalism 2. Stoicism.

I have written about Minimalism in detail here.

Philosophies teach us the art of living.

Stoicism, in particular, is a way of living your life peacefully, with the use of proper logical thinking in your day-to-day life.

According to Wikipedia,

It looks quite simple, right?

It honestly isn’t. In coming articles, I’d try covering up step by step, how to be a stoic (a person following stoicism)

Till then, I’d suggest you keep a check on your thoughts.

Are there some problems in your life that you can’t resolve, but you keep on worrying about them?

Stoicism, for me, is ignoring those unsolvable problems, and focusing on what we can actually control in our lives.

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Food for thought.

Further reading- Stoic Diaries (Part-1)

Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal.

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Certified Habit Coach || I help my clients improve their emotional health with simple habits || Check more here: https://www.dipanshurawal.com/hello

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