My New Experiment: An Online Journal

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While reading this post by Sílvia Bastos today, I got inspired.

She mentions an experiment she did — writing an online journal publicly. She claims how it can be beneficial to practice deliberate vulnerability.

I loved the idea… so much that I immediately decided to do this from today onwards.

I’m planning to write it 3–4 times a week, which literally means writing it every other day. Honestly, I want to write it every day, but anything more than four times a week would be a bonus.

My intention with this online journal is to regularly —

  1. align my thoughts, words, and actions, in a single direction towards my vision.
  2. connect with my values, inner-self, and maintain a connection with you too.
  3. practice vulnerability and transparency in public, to record all the imperfections, failures, and challenges I’ll be facing.

Journal Entry — Day 1

I am a quick action taker. This is a big advantage I have compared to so many people who plan a lot and never take action.

Less planning and more actions have helped a lot in my career. I have switched jobs, changed my career from biotechnology to digital marketing, and eventually to life coaching.

But it has also made me see so many more failures within a short amount of time. I have failed more number of times than the average person of my age has even tried.

This means I had so many low moments in my life, and I am still learning if it’s the strategy I wish to continue.

I am writing about this because I did it again. I read a post, and it mentioned something I so badly wanted to try- online journaling in public. Hmmm… so I am interested to see where it goes. The stakes are probably zero.

The stoic in me wants to do negative visualization before taking on any new project now, i.e thinking of what’s the worst that could happen. And with this publicly online journaling- the worst that could happen is I’ll fail to maintain consistency.

I usually don’t have issues with maintaining consistencies — so I doubt we even get to the worst-case scenario.

On the realistic side, I plan to recall a lot more stories now that I’ll be writing a journal every day, and my vulnerability ability score will probably rise up.

On the positive side, I might inspire others to try some stuff that I am trying.

Let’s see how it goes.

I am sure you must be feeling my excitement through my words.

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