I won’t Spam you. I promise! (The Concept of Permission Marketing)

How to market your product efficiently in today’s overcrowded world of advertisements!

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‘Permission Marketing’ term was first introduced by Seth Godin in his book “Permission Marketing“.

The book was launched in 1999 and it changed the way the marketers approach markets…

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Okay, enough with the ads of my book.

Did you enjoy being interrupted by this ad while you were gonna read what permission marketing is? I guess not!

Anyway, this is the way traditional marketing works. The consumer is interrupted while watching TV, listening to the songs on FM, or even scrolling down your social media feeds. And so, Seth Godin terms it as “Interruption Marketing”.

In today’s excess of advertisements, the marketers are shifting to a modernized approach to permission marketing, where the goods and services are advertised when the advanced content is given.

On an average, a consumer comes into contact with 1 million advertisements per year — or nearly 3000 per day, as claimed by Yankelovich, Inc. When a user gets consumed up by too many interruptions, it gets tough to serve a meaningful advertisement and promote a product.

So, what do we (Marketing guys) do?

We practice Permission Marketing.

The e-mails I send every Friday is a part of this permission marketing. You have given me permission to send you this e-mail once a week. (If you haven’t, please let me know, I’ll remove you from this list. No hard feelings!)

Where is this concept gonna help you?

Do you have a friend who recently started writing/drawing, and forwards you their arts effortlessly every time they create something?

This is spamming. And permission marketing saves your inbox from this.

If you’re the one sending out promotional messages (or your poems/write-ups), permission marketing can help you deliver the message loud and clear.

On a broader level,

What are the benefits of Permission Marketing?

  • Cost Efficiency and High Conversion rate. You’ll be advertising your products only to interested customers, instead of going out to approach
  • A personal touch with your customers.
  • A long-term valuable relationship with the customer.
  • Brand trust and accountability. Your customers will respect your messages. Heck! Your advertisements would turn into your brand messages. Because your customer will know that you won’t spam them with your ads.

How to do practice Permission Marketing?

Just ask for permission. Period.

Before spamming others with your promotional messages, just ask them.

And value when they say no.

Something for technical guys-

GDPR consent policy is one of the prime examples of permission marketing.

Some food for thought?

The start of permission marketing is seeking consent. And you can only seek consent via interruption marketing. So, isn’t all this a bit paradoxical?

P.S. “Permission Marketing” was first introduced by Seth Godin in his book- Permission Marketing.

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Thank you!

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Originally published at www.dipanshurawal.com on October 29, 2018.

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