OST (Simple Token): CryptoAnalysis

Simplicity is quite underrated. So is this Simple Token cryptocurrency.

OST has increased from 0.28$ to 0.78$ in past one week. (Relatively slow growth, huh?)

In a new world with all the cutting edge technologies related to blockchain developments, the need for a bridge between present technology and future technology had been overlooked.

To fulfil this need, with low niche competition, we have OST (Simple Token) in the market.

First of all, here’s the landscape of cryptocurrency usage.

As we can see, with greater power, comes greater responsibility.

And, with greater sophisticated technologies, comes greater need of usage simplification.

OST (Simple Token) resolves this need of simplification.

Here’s what they offer for their platform-

They are backed up by leading industry groups.

The founding team-


OST (Simple Token) has a lot of potential in their project fundamentals and their roadmap seems promising.

It’s currently valued at 0.78$, and as far as it seems, it is underrated.

These are only my opinions and not a financial advisor. Read the company’s whitepapers for more.

Image/snapshots are taken directly from OST (Simple Token) whitepapers.

OST (Simple Token) is available on binance.

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Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal.

Originally published at www.dipanshurawal.com on January 5, 2018.

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