Can I control this?

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Like all the other logical approaches of stoicism, self-introspection and having an unbiased opinion about any situation can help answer this question in a better way.

There come certain times when you cry, get depressed, feel frustrated, become furious or get utterly anxious about situations.

These all are your natural emotions. Embrace them. Acknowledge their presence. Only then you can move on comfortably.

The art is not to not have the emotions. The art is to acknowledge your emotions and then move on.

And no! you never know if you’re going to cross the age of 50 years, or maybe you might die before that. Who knows!

Death is inevitable. You can’t control it. Your birth wasn’t in your control either.

Whatever happens in between your birth and your death, is pretty much controllable. How about we focus on this instead?

Whenever you notice yourself getting overwhelmed with emotions of extreme anger, frustration, and anxiety, ask yourself-

Can I control this?

If the answer is yes, get a paper and note down the possible solutions.

If you can’t control, it’s better to ignore and keep doing your part of the job anyway.

By the way, you already knew this, right?

Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal.

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Certified Habit Coach || I help my clients improve their emotional health with simple habits || Check more here:

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