How to get a tremendous salary hike while changing your job!

90% salary hike is quite a tremendous increment, don’t you think?

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I was selected.

I was hired even when the interviewers didn’t pay much attention to my resume.

And not only that.
I got a 90% hike from my previous salary.

90% salary hike is quite a tremendous increment, don’t you think?

Can you guess why?

Because my resume wasn’t a sheet of paper.

My resume is my online presence- on which I have been working for more than two years.

My resume is my Personal Brand.

So, what all points do one need to take care before trying to get a hike?

Research. More and More Research.

What all you can do in your field? What all you can do in a relatively similar field as yours? New Ideas? Something?

Research is always the first step.

Contact and look up to the people who are above you in the corporate ladder and see what value they’re providing.

It all boils down to what value are you providing to a company. Period.

And how can you provide more and more value to your company?

Stay updated about your field.

In this digital world, whosoever don’t stay updated, can’t survive.

Your domain expertise is witnessed by two things-

A. How experienced you are with traditional methods?

B. How updated you are with current trends and technologies?

And the third part- C. how well can you integrate your expertise of A and B points.

If you want to be the best selling writer, you just can’t write a novel and send it to the publisher and then die. No! Now you have the keys and tools to market your book, your work, and yourself to the digital world.

And for a fact, the readers and your audience always crave for a personal touch.

Never underestimate your worth.

The HR manager will try pointing out your flaws. Because, yes! That’s their part of the job.

They want to get resources at as low cost as possible.

You need to pick a piece of paper and write down- “I will get X salary now, by working Y hours a week”,

where X= your target salary and Y= time you are ready to devote.

Time is money. Consider it while negotiating as well.

Negotiate Well.

Negotiation doesn’t always have to be painful.

Stand on your grounds and know your limits. That’s pretty much it.

You provide value. They provide you with money and incentives. Right?

In James Altucher’s words- “Tomorrow is 100% based on the negotiations you do today.”

James has written quite an insightful post regarding how to negotiate well in any deal. You may follow this link to read that post.

Don’t grow a resume. Grow a personality.

IF you know what are you doing at your job, well, that’d be the best part.

Your resume won’t matter. And, your personality matters more.

Your qualifications won’t matter (Unless obviously, you’re a doctor or something). But! your skills matter more.

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Originally published at on September 20, 2018.

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