Habits, Coaching, and Celebrations

The alignment journal: entry #3

My 2021 theme

Today’s January 1st (wishing you a happy new year!) — and it’s the most popular day for creating resolutions are trying habits.

I am enrolled in Coach Tony’s 1-year long course “Heavy Mental Training”. He gave us the assignment to choose a theme and resolution for our 2021 and set a small habit around it.

My theme for 2021 is more mindfulness, and my tiny habit around it is — ONE mindful meal every day. I am planning to start by cutting off external distractions, i.e no screens or books while I am eating my mindful meal of the day. I expect this will help me with my food habits too.

Day 1 of “one mindful meal a day” done :)

Coaching is not for everyone

A group discussion within a business WhatsApp group provoked this thought. Coaching has a lot to with external accountability.

A lot of people enjoy accountability, while some of us hate it. That’s perfectly okay. And this goes on to validate this statement — coaching is not for everyone.

If you don’t have an open mind, and if you are not willing to try — then coaching is definitely not for you.

Now that I am talking about coaching, I found an insightful post about the differences between therapy, coaching, mentoring, and consulting. Have a look here —

Image for post
Image for post
Image by author, original source mentioned in the image

Celebrations for me!

I am a certified habit coach now. I spent the last 8 weeks learning about habits, coaching, and actually coaching a dozen clients on their habits. Tomorrow’s my graduation/commencement ceremony online. Here’s the event link.

I am also speaking at the event. My topic is — Millennial Monks: Finding Peace and Purpose with Daily Habits. I am excited for tomorrow.

I used to be a good speaker when I was a teenager, and now I am exploring public speaking again after so many years. It’s equally terrifying as it’s exciting.

This is part of my online public journaling experiment, published here. For other entries and more details, check this link —

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