Are you writing deliberately?

What’s your reason of writing?

I thought writing is a good medium for exchanging ideas and expressing yourself. To be honest, my initial writing days passed by writing answers to random questions on my quora profile.

Later on, over a period of time, I moved from writing fiction to writing about depression, motivation, habits, human behavior, and finally to philosophy.

I was writing because I wanted to try out things.

I realized it wasn’t a deliberate practice. I just pour my heart down, and publish it online.

But then…

I had a blissful inner calling. I realized writing is my forte. I should write more.

So, here I am, typing these words at 5.00 AM, sipping green tea, and enjoying my peaceful surroundings.

So anyway,

Tell me…

What’s your reason for writing?

Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal

(For more, visit DipanshuRawal.Com)

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