My Introduction

And what I want you to know about me

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Hey, I’m Dipanshu Rawal. I am a certified habit coach.

Here are a few things I want you to know about me and a few things I don’t want you to know about me.

This piece was last updated on 21.01.2021.

What I DON’T want you to know about me

  1. I have camera fear. I don’t like shooting videos or clicking selfies. Every time I go LIVE on Instagram, I feel exposed. I’m afraid someone might see through me. And I’m not even sure what am I hiding. I’m killing this fear now, btw.
  2. I have imposter syndrome. I have had issues with feeling like an imposter, facing my…

Anangsha went from earning $40 monthly to $1500…

Authentic lessons from 4 different monks

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All the sects of Buddhism focus on studying books as an important activity to practice Buddhism. I know this because I attended a few Nichiren Buddhists' meetings, met a Tibetan Buddhist, and have explored this topic for a few years now.

My problem with religious texts is that everyone reads texts from centuries ago without updating the teachings with a modern context. This doesn’t mean those old texts are fundamentally wrong; rather, we might understand it better if they are taught within the context of our social media world.

On my journey to explore Buddhism in a modern context, I…

Tackling the status quo for a more fruitful reading life

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Like any other bookworm, in 2016, I started tracking my reading progress on Goodreads.

In 2017, I pushed myself to read and finish many books because I wanted my Goodreads stat to display a boastful number. I read 15,000 pages and finished 61 books in 2017. This is how it looked in Goodreads:

I practice 3 activities each night that take up 5 minutes apiece

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Whenever I mention online that I’m a habit coach and I help people improve their habits, most of the time, I get the same response: “How can I wake up early?”

This issue has even more intensified due to the corona lockdown times. A national survey published on NCBI concludes

“Due to complete lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic leads to a state of social jetlag with delayed sleep-wake, meal timings, and excessive digital media exposure…”

I used to be a night owl, which isn’t an issue. …

The Alignment Journal: Entry 6

It was September 2018, and I had a traumatic breakup. My anxiety issues were back and my therapist recommended to try meditation.

Meditation was the only thing that helped me stay calm and not overthink at that point. I used to meditate for an hour a day. I did it consistently for a few months before becoming irregular with the practice.

For the past 1 year, I am again consistent with my meditation practice, fluctuating the meditation time from 15 minutes to 2 minutes in a session.

Meditation is a tricky habit

There are so many schools of meditation — zen, visualization, isha kriya, chanting…

These daily habits will help you slow down, become self-aware, clear your mind, and regulate your emotions physically.

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Last week, I graduated as a certified habit coach from

My coaching statement is simple — I help people improve their emotional health with simple daily habits.

Let’s explore the four easy habits I recommend my clients follow to improve their emotional health.

Here are a few questions I will answer in this post

  • Does science back up these habits for better emotional health?
  • How soon will you see the results?
  • What has been my experience with this habit?
  • What would be the challenges to follow the habit?
  • How can you get started?

This one habit helps you to slow down: Pause.

Sitting on a chair or wherever, closing your eyes, and simply breathing. …

The alignment journal: entry #3

My 2021 theme

Today’s January 1st (wishing you a happy new year!) — and it’s the most popular day for creating resolutions are trying habits.

I am enrolled in Coach Tony’s 1-year long course “Heavy Mental Training”. He gave us the assignment to choose a theme and resolution for our 2021 and set a small habit around it.

My theme for 2021 is more mindfulness, and my tiny habit around it is — ONE mindful meal every day. I am planning to start by cutting off external distractions, i.e no screens or books while I am eating my mindful meal of the day…

Privacy settings: Public

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While reading this post by Sílvia Bastos today, I got inspired.

She mentions an experiment she did — writing an online journal publicly. She claims how it can be beneficial to practice deliberate vulnerability.

I loved the idea… so much that I immediately decided to do this from today onwards.

I’m planning to write it 3–4 times a week, which literally means writing it every other day. Honestly, I want to write it every day, but anything more than four times a week would be a bonus.

My intention with this online journal is to regularly —

  1. align my thoughts…

It was January 2019

I met Shikha via common friends, a few days before the incident. She’s an amazing singer and guitarist.

I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw her videos singing and playing guitar. She’s so good… really good.

I immediately shared those in DMs with a few close friends saying “how cool is she, right?”

At that moment it hit me — “Is there anyone who might be sharing my writings with this kind of excitement?” I doubted that.

I felt nauseated.

I went to the office washroom and vomited. And I cried. Maybe I had an anxiety attack. …

Dipanshu Rawal

Certified Habit Coach || I help my clients improve their emotional health with simple habits || Check more here:

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