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Welcome reader to this new world…

I published my first ebook of 3000 words back in 2018. I knew someday I’d want to write a full-length paperback too. That someday is today. And we are doing this LIVE.

I know this is one of the few books that’d be written…

My Introduction

And what I want you to know about me

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Hey, I’m Dipanshu Rawal. I am a certified habit coach.

Here are a few things I want you to know about me and a few things I don’t want you to know about me.

This piece was last updated on 21.01.2021.

What I DON’T want you to know about me

  1. I have camera fear. I don’t like shooting videos…

A mini-masterclass on how *not* to be another struggling life coach

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The coronavirus pandemic has made so many things go online and the process of becoming a life coach has become relatively easier now than in the past. The industry of life coaching has seen tremendous growth in the year 2020.

A study suggests that there are over 14,000 life coaches…

Change your words to change your reality

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The words we choose to speak creates reality — our thoughts and words influence our life choices. See, our brains are wired in such a way that when you tell your brain something — you are directing it to feel and act in that way.

Here is how Dr. Shad…

I went way too ahead in chasing peace

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Author’s note — This is one of the chapters from my new book. To know more about my book, visit here —

24 September 2019. My 23rd birthday.

I was in Dharamshala, India on a solo trip. Dharamshala is the place of H.H. Dalai Lama’s temple.

Roaming those streets on my birthday, I saw so…

Becoming a monk

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I was reborn in 2016.

That was my dark phase, and instead of playing a victim, for the first time, I took ownership and responsibility.

When you take control of your life, you are responsible for both your successes and failures.

Because curiosity has been my core value since birth…

How far a book can make you travel literally!

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A friend gifted this book to me on my birthday 2 years back, 24 September 2019. I went to Dharamshala, India for a solo trip. This book was my company for the trip.

I loved reading this book so much so that I decided to travel and meet this author/monk…

One book to build faith, one to remove toxicity from your body, and one to create joy in your life

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I went through depression in 2016.

I lost all my faith in God, became totally hopeless, and in fact an angry atheist. That’s the thing about dark times… they polarise your faith. You either develop a stronger faith or lose all of it.

Over time, my views changed, and my…

Authentic lessons from 4 different monks

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All the sects of Buddhism focus on studying books as an important activity to practice Buddhism. I know this because I attended a few Nichiren Buddhists' meetings, met a Tibetan Buddhist, and have explored this topic for a few years now.

My problem with religious texts is that everyone reads…

Tackling the status quo for a more fruitful reading life

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Like any other bookworm, in 2016, I started tracking my reading progress on Goodreads.

In 2017, I pushed myself to read and finish many books because I wanted my Goodreads stat to display a boastful number. I read 15,000 pages and finished 61 books in 2017. …

Dipanshu Rawal

Certified Life Coach || I help you master your emotions + communicate confidently || All links:

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