My Introduction

And what I want you to know about me

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Hey, I’m Dipanshu Rawal. I am a certified habit coach.

Here are a few things I want you to know about me and a few things I don’t want you to know about me.

This piece was last updated on 21.01.2021.

What I DON’T want you to know about me

  1. I have camera fear. I don’t like shooting videos or clicking selfies. Every time I go LIVE on Instagram, I feel exposed. I’m afraid someone might see through me. And I’m not even sure what am I hiding. I’m killing this fear now, btw.
  2. I have imposter syndrome. I have had issues with feeling like an imposter, facing my…

One book to build faith, one to remove toxicity from your body, and one to create joy in your life

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I went through depression in 2016.

I lost all my faith in God, became totally hopeless, and in fact an angry atheist. That’s the thing about dark times… they polarise your faith. You either develop a stronger faith or lose all of it.

Over time, my views changed, and my values became clearer. Elizabeth Gilbert’s one TED Talk gave me my transformational moment, and I became curious about spirituality.

I went on to read authentic books from Buddhist monks, among other contemporary spiritual literature.

After reading so many books about Philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, and spirituality in general, I can confidently…

Authentic lessons from 4 different monks

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All the sects of Buddhism focus on studying books as an important activity to practice Buddhism. I know this because I attended a few Nichiren Buddhists' meetings, met a Tibetan Buddhist, and have explored this topic for a few years now.

My problem with religious texts is that everyone reads texts from centuries ago without updating the teachings with a modern context. This doesn’t mean those old texts are fundamentally wrong; rather, we might understand it better if they are taught within the context of our social media world.

On my journey to explore Buddhism in a modern context, I…

Tackling the status quo for a more fruitful reading life

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Like any other bookworm, in 2016, I started tracking my reading progress on Goodreads.

In 2017, I pushed myself to read and finish many books because I wanted my Goodreads stat to display a boastful number. I read 15,000 pages and finished 61 books in 2017. This is how it looked in Goodreads:

I practice 3 activities each night that take up 5 minutes apiece

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Whenever I mention online that I’m a habit coach and I help people improve their habits, most of the time, I get the same response: “How can I wake up early?”

This issue has even more intensified due to the corona lockdown times. A national survey published on NCBI concludes

“Due to complete lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic leads to a state of social jetlag with delayed sleep-wake, meal timings, and excessive digital media exposure…”

I used to be a night owl, which isn’t an issue. …

These daily habits will help you slow down, become self-aware, clear your mind, and regulate your emotions physically.

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Last week, I graduated as a certified habit coach from

My coaching statement is simple — I help people improve their emotional health with simple daily habits.

Let’s explore the four easy habits I recommend my clients follow to improve their emotional health.

Here are a few questions I will answer in this post

  • Does science back up these habits for better emotional health?
  • How soon will you see the results?
  • What has been my experience with this habit?
  • What would be the challenges to follow the habit?
  • How can you get started?

This one habit helps you to slow down: Pause.

Sitting on a chair or wherever, closing your eyes, and simply breathing. …

It was January 2019

I met Shikha via common friends, a few days before the incident. She’s an amazing singer and guitarist.

I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw her videos singing and playing guitar. She’s so good… really good.

I immediately shared those in DMs with a few close friends saying “how cool is she, right?”

At that moment it hit me — “Is there anyone who might be sharing my writings with this kind of excitement?” I doubted that.

I felt nauseated.

I went to the office washroom and vomited. And I cried. Maybe I had an anxiety attack. …

Lessons from my marketing muscle workouts for 75+ days

A woman covered in tattoos lifting a barbell with heavy weights on it on her back
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I have been writing online for the past six years. Sharing my posts across platforms comes naturally to me now.

I joined the monthly promotion challenge in October this year. It renews every month, and here’s one basic rule of it: you share one post every working day for the whole month, and you show support to three other posts shared by other members.

This helps you exercise your marketing muscle, check out what others are publishing in your community, and get some additional engagement on your posts.

That’s what I did in October. That’s what I have been…

Personal wisdom and beliefs. Updated December 2020.

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This is inspired by Coach Tony’s post about his Codex Vitae. The purpose of this post is to collect and write down the bits of wisdom I have gained over the years and the new beliefs I have been developing with them.

I am planning to update this once a year at least.

Before you read further, a few points to note —

  • This is meant to be Dipanshu Rawal’s “Codex Vitae/Book of life”. If you’re not Dipanshu Rawal, don’t follow this word by word. Feel free to pick what you like or what you would want to try and ignore the rest. …

Dipanshu Rawal

Certified Habit Coach || I help my clients improve their emotional health with simple habits || Check more here:

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