10 best things I have done in my life so far!

And these 10 practices have changed my life for good ;)

  1. Followed Stoicism- Almost every decision I make now, I write about it on a paper first.
  2. Followed Minimalism- I have limited the no. of possessions I own- be it clothes, books, or other daily routine articles. This has made me focus only on the essential things in my life.
  3. Working out- I used to be an obese lazy ass. I am still an obese lazy ass, but getting better in shape day by day, because it takes time to get back in shape.
  4. I read daily. No matter what. No matter which genre- no matter which author. I read every day.
  5. I write daily. At least one Quora answer.
  6. Making gratitude lists- I started thanking 10 people/things that have helped in making my life comfortable, or helping me grow. I posted the lists as my Instagram[1] story updates.
  7. Written a book- Being author of a book (A Stoic’s Diary[2] ), no matter how short it is, has helped me exponentially in making a personal brand.
  8. Making lists- I have made lists of my favorite books[3] and favorite movies[4] . So whenever someone asks me about my favorite books and movies, I send them these links.
  9. Taken help. I was slipping into depression. But then I took proper help. And slowly, with every step, I am now completely recovered. Rather, I am now even better than what I was before the depression kissed me.
  10. Learnt the art of perseverance and hard work. Puneet Mishra has helped me a lot in designing baby steps with which today I am able to bring consistent and drastic changes in myself. Thank you Puneet, I owe you a lot.

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Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal


[1] Dipanshu Rawal (@dipanshu.rawal) • Instagram photos and videos

[2] A Stoic’s Diary, an Ebook by Dipanshu Rawal

[3] Books | Dipanshu Rawal

[4] Movies | Dipanshu Rawal

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